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    Bensimon Tops | Womens Tee Shirt Boris Red

    The Boris t-shirt is a good basic t-shirt to keep season after season, and to combine according to your desires. Its refined cut is embellished with cleverly scattered details, for a casual and charming result. The open placket offers a subtle neckli…

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    Bensimon Without shoelaces | Womens Elly Red

    La tennis Bensimon originale se décline avec oeillets et élastique. Cette tennis sans lacet est fine, légère, fabriquée à la main en Europe, conçue à …

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    Bensimon Knitwear | Womens Sweater Ervin Red

    Ervin Foamy Knit Sweater Round neckline Left shoulder buttoning with tone-on-tone buttons Slightly drooping shoulder Composition: 32% extra fine knit, 32% mohair, 33% nylon and 3% spandex Maintenance : Wash 30° Chlorine inside, tumble dry ins…

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    Bensimon Tops | Womens Shirt Azalee Red

    The masculine feminine style is worn as a matter of course with the Azalea shirt, in a cotton veil of Italian manufacture, charged with elegance. Fluid and light, it can be worn alone for a sunny look…

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    Bensimon Tops | Womens Blouse Domitia Red

    The Domitia blouse is somewhere between romantic and casual, in a veil of Italian cotton that makes this piece so chic. Ample volume imposes the elegance of this shirt, while a slit neckline at the front adds a final touch of sensuality….

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    Bensimon Knitwear | Womens Cardigan Artiste Red

    Double-sided jacket Zipped up front like a teddy. Piped pockets with tone-on-tone side snaps Casual jacket Soft and warm material Composition: 45% wool, 37% cotton, 18% polyamide Maintenance : Delicate washing Chlorine prohibited Tumble drying pr…

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    Bensimon The Iconic | Womens Lace Sneackers Red

    We no longer present the iconic Bensimon tennis players, true seasonal basics in a cotton canvas declined in a rainbow of colors. The simple and refined cut is a tribute to their unicolored shade, cut through by the white so…

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    Bensimon Trousers & jeans | Womens Pants Toothpick Red

    The Toothpick jeans persist and sign to accompany you with elegance in your daily life. The best ally for a slim silhouette thanks to their slim cut at the legs, they are a casual wardrobe enthusiast to take everywhere to match it according to your mood, with…

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    Bensimon Knitwear | Womens Cardigan Lupac Red

    Hooded jacket with front zip Soft and warm material Sweat casual Hood drawstring Pockets in the side seams Composition: 45% wool, 37% cotton and 18% polyamide Maintenance : Delicate washing Chlorine prohibited Tumbl…

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    Bensimon Tops | Womens Tee Shirt Bosco Red

    The basic is made elegant with the Bosco t-shirt, combining a clean cut with meticulous details. Bosco Short Sleeve Top Low shoulder Dancer’s loose neckline Flamed mesh Straight cut Composition : 70% cotton, 30% lin…

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    Bensimon Knitwear | Womens Sweater Aitor Red

    Knitted sweater Very comfortable and warm foamy mesh Chimney collar Buttoned on the shoulder Slightly drooping sho…

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    Bensimon Coats & jackets | Womens Coat Elizabeta Red

    Lined jacket buttoned on the front Tailored collar Fancy buttons half ball Large patch pockets with double opening Small fancy flaps Composition: 80% wool, 20% polyamide Length: 71cm Maintenance : Washing prohibited Chlor…

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    Bensimon Elasticated | Womens Tennis Elastique Femme Red

    Elly tennis shoes have the luxury of not needing laces, exposing its empty eyelets like a metallic coquetry. Elegance is then put on in a few seconds with delight, and goes as well with a skirt as with jeans. Th…

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    Bensimon Tops | Womens Top Ayrald Red

    The Ayrald top oscillates between blouse and t-shirt, combining casual volume with chic details, for a unique look made of charm and simplicity. The cotton veil has a screening that brings a touch of relie…

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    Bensimon Without shoelaces | Womens Elly Sneackers Red

    Bensimon Womens Elly Sneackers Red…

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    Bensimon Tops | Womens Shirt Dony Red

    The Dony blouse brings a delicate charm to a short or a mini skirt, thanks to its loose volume and its gathers at the shoulders. The elegant simplicity of the monochrome is carried by the choice of flat toned-in buttons, so as not to take anything …

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    Bensimon Coats & jackets | Womens Jacket Dolan Red

    The Dolan jacket protects you with elegance thanks to its light windproof fabric adorned with a subtly graphic monochrome tone-on-tone print. A little vintage look is g…

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    Bensimon Montante | Womens Tennis Stella Femme Red

    Stella tennis shoes are a must for the casual city or country dressing room, for a natural elegance and easy to put on. Their rising shape envelops the foot with ease, while the whi…

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    Bensimon Coats & jackets | Womens Jacket Arnaud Red

    Short Jacket Arnaud Warm material and casual spirit Double sided mesh Buttoned on the front Front patch pockets Composition :45% wool, 37% cotton and 18% polyamide Maintenance : W…